Indoor grow

Where can I best grow my own weed?

You can grow your own weed plants in a grow box or grow tent. For 5 weed plants you need a growing space of approximately 1 x 1 x 2 meter.

What does the right growing room need?

The requirements for a good growing room for weed consists of electricity, fresh air and a room where no light can enter from the outside. This can, for example, be an attic, a basement or a bedroom. Make sure the room is at normal temperature and not too humid.

How do I grow the best weed?

Weed is easiest to grow in soil, but it is grown in many different ways. For example, you can choose to grow hydroponic weed in clay pellets, coconut fibres or rock wool. You can also use hydro systems to grow the roots of the weed plant directly in the water. If the roots get enough nutrients, water and oxygen, they will grow. We advise beginners to begin with growing their weed plants in soil.

What temperature should my grow room be?

The best climate for the grow room is around 25 degrees. When the temperature is above 30 degrees it will become too hot and below 20 degrees too cold. If it is too hot or too cold, the growth of the weed plants can be slowed down and other problems can occur. Moreover, ensure that the air is constantly refreshed in order for the weed plants to absorb enough CO2. The extracted air is best be filtered with a carbon filter to ensure that you do not smell weed air outside the grow room.

Which light can I use best for my breeding?

Most growers use HPS grow lights for their cannabis plants. They are very effective and inexpensive to purchase or even LED grow lights are also an option. LED grow lights have improved considerably in recent years and have become more economical. These also make breeding for beginners a lot safer. We recommend that you ask the seller of the grow room which lamp is best suited with the chosen grow tent or grow box.

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