Outdoor grow

Which seeds should I choose to grow weed outside?

Choosing seeds to grow outside is an important choice because not all varieties are suitable for growing in the Dutch climate. For outdoor growing you will have to find out which seeds are most suitable for the climate. In addition, you also choose a species that suits you in terms of medicine and / or recreation. In the beginning, try to choose an easy type so that you do not make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself. Our menu of different choices will help you choose the most suitable cannabis seeds!

Find out the best seeds to grow outdoor here!

When can I start sowing?

Weed plants are annual flowering plants. The best time to plant outside is in March, April or May. You can still sow until the end of June. There may no longer be night frost.

How do I germinate the seeds?

You’ve chosen the right seeds! And what now? The germination follows! There are different ways for this, such as the coffee filter method, medium method, glass water method or the dish method.

My seeds have sprouted! What now?

When the seed has germinated and the carrot is about 5 millimetres long, it can go into the soil. You do this by pushing a small hole in the ground with your fingertip. Add a little water (spa blue) to it so that it is wet. Now place your germinated seed with the root down in the hole. It is best to do this with sterile tweezers. Make sure you do not damage the carrot. Now that the germinated seed is in the ground, you can cover it with a fine layer of soil. Add a little more water just to moisten. Water is best at room temperature.

What is needed to grow a weed plant outside?

The soil is very important for growing a weed plant. We recommend cutting soil or sowing soil for the growth of the seed. Here your plants will make the best start. After a minimum of 3 branches, the plants can be transferred to soil with nutrients. The best is airy soil. Here the roots can develop best, which ensures a faster and better growth of your weed plant! A weed plant prefers to be in full sun! It will grow with a minimum of 18 hours of light per day. The flowering phase starts when she only gets 12 hours of light a day. Just like for us, nutrition is also very important for your plant! Inform yourself well about this. There are many different power supplies available, ready to mix or mix yourself. Note that too much food is not good either! Observe your plant … The wind will make your plants stronger. So make sure that your plants are outside in both the sun and the wind! If they are inside, put a fan on.

What to do in the flowering phase of the weed plant?

Buds will form in the flowering phase. This is the most important phase of the plant and it is very vulnerable. The thicker and heavier the buds, the greater the risk, for example, falling over or mold. Give the plants a hold with bamboo sticks and shake the droplets out in the morning! Also make sure that the wind continues to blow through it well, possibly cutting away some large leaves.

When do I harvest my weed plants?

If 80% of the white hairs on your buds have turned brown, then it is time to harvest the weed! Provide a clean environment, clean scissors, some gloves and a good dry place. Cut a branch from the plant and start cutting the large leaves. Then continue cutting all the leaves close to the top. An ideal drying room is a cool and dark environment with a temperature of between 15 -22 ° C. Hang the tops in the drying room upside down on a line (e.g. fishing wire).