What is fimming?

Fimming is a pruning method for a higher yield and was most likely created by a grower who performed wild buds and poor pruning. FIM therefore stands for “F*ck I Missed”. Just like buds, this is a technique where part of the main trunk is removed.

Why fim a weed plant?

The purpose of fimming is to create multiple head tops. It may not be a neat pruning method, but it is an effective one. This method is carried out during the growing period and not when the cannabis plant is already in bloom. This is because a part of the cannabis plant is cut off and it will need time to recover from the stress that this causes the plant.

Experienced growers often use techniques such as buds followed by LST and / or ScrOG, but this is not ideal for the starting grower or for the grower without too long of a growth period. Applying the FIM method is very easy.


When can I fim my cannabis plant?

Most growers wait until the plant is approximately 30 cm in height before starting to film. This first growing period of the plant allows it to develop good roots so that it recovers faster from the fimming. This pruning method can be applied at any time during the growth phase.

How should I fim a cannabis plant?

With the pruning method, approximately 75% of the tip is removed from the main shoot. Squeeze this part of the main shoot with your fingers or use scissors and prune it. The plant will then need approximately 1 week to recover. Thereafter, 4 new head tops will appear as a result of fimming. This will fill the growing room more nicely with more head tops and more side branches.

Do not use this technique for autoflowers as the lifespan of these weed plants is too short for this.